How do I understand my account details?

Modified on Wed, 29 May 2024 at 12:46 PM

Go to Account Summary and click the 'How are these calculated' button.

Below is an example of an account with things that are most often seen. 

On the left is the Council bill and on the right are the items that were credited toward the bill. When the right side is higher, a payout is available. If the left side is higher, there is an amount due to Council. 


Red box = Retail Value of Traditional (Storefront/Wagon) products ordered

Blue box = Commission earned is subtracted from the ordered amount to get the Amount Due to Council

Yellow box = Bill to Council (after commission)

Black box = payment made by the unit (reducing the Council bill)

Council issued credits and debits can be seen in the transactions on the bottom of the Account Summary page, and usually have a description to tell what it is. 

Green box = online commission
Orange box = credit card sales
Purple box = cash to credit payments
Total of these, in this example is $24,959.70

Gray boxes = In this example there was a prior year balance and the unit requested it as a payout.

Details can be seen for each of these items by clicking the arrow on the right. 

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