Step by Step - Wrap up of Sale

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Determine your final order

Ensure all Scout Sales have been recorded.The best practice is for scouts to record their sales in the app.
(Credit cards can only be accepted in the app).

Leaders can record cash sales, if needed:
  • Find the scout on the dashboard.
  • Click the shopping cart next to the scout's name.
  • Enter quantities of items sold.
  • Click 'Record Sale'.
Determine what products are still needed by scouts.
  • Review your scout orders to ensure scouts have appropriately marked them undelivered or delivered.   
  • When an item is marked undelivered, you can pull the undelivered by scout report to see what items each scout still needs. 
  • If you have remaining inventory, transfer inventory to scouts to fulfill their undelivered orders. 
  • TIP: Look for Scouts with negative inventory (on the dashboard). This usually indicates the Scout has recorded something delivered that was not transferred to them in the system. If you have the inventory, transfer it to them. If you do not, change the order to undelivered so that it will be included in the Undelivered Items by Scout report.

Complete all unit-to-unit transfers 

Go to Popcorn > Transfers
If anything is pending:
  • If you are the receiving party > Approve or Reject
  • If you are the transferring party > Communicate with the receiving party to Approve or Reject
Complete all returns to council
(only in applicable councils)
Check with your Council on rules for returns.
Go to Popcorn > Popcorn Orders and Returns
  • Click the Return Popcorn button and input the quantities.
  • Council will need to approve.
Select 'Order Popcorn'You will be greeted with a Product Shortages screen to help ensure you have ordered enough products.
  • Input your final order quantities.
  • Click 'Submit'.
  • Council will need to approve.


Collect cash due for wagon salesParents can pay with their credit card in the Trail's End App
  • Go to Wagon Sales.
  • Select 'Pay Now'.
  • Enter card information.
  • The amount due will show $0 due once the transaction is complete.

Alternatively, turn in cash to the unit Treasurer to deposit in the unit bank account. 

Review your Account SummaryIf you show a payout available:
  • Ensure your unit bank account has been input under Unit Info > Manage Unit Bank Account
  • Select 'Request Payout'
  • IF your council allows payout to them, you will receive a choice to send to council or send to your unit bank account
If you show a balance due to council:
  • Check with your council on payment instructions
If you have a negative balance due to council:
  • This means you have overpaid council.
  • Check with your council on how to receive this amount.
Understanding your AccountingClick the 'How are these calculated' button to see the details of your account.
  • Left side shows the products you ordered minus commission, which equals your bill to council.
  • Right side shows credits that went towards paying your council bill:
    • Online sales commission
    • Credit card payments
    • Parent payments (for cash due for wagon sales)
  • If the left side is larger, you will still owe council.
  • If the right side is larger, you will have a payout available.
  • Accounting Explanation article for more information.


  • A Payout does NOT equal commission. 
  • Commission is received for traditional products as you sell the items for full retail price after only having paid retail minus commission.
  • Commission for online sales is credited toward your council bill (as explained above). 


Finalize all sale amounts
  • Ensure all sales have been entered.
  • After you submit rewards, you will only be able to make adjustments on sales entered since submission. 
Complete prior to submission
  • All unit-to-unit transfers
  • All Council returns
Review Total Sales compared to Ordered plus Online Sales
  • This formula is shown on the bottom of the rewards page.
  • Total Sales cannot be larger than Total Ordered plus Online Sales.
  • If it is, please see this article for more information. 
Submit rewards
  • If you have a balance due to council, the rewards will not process (for most councils) until you have paid that amount due. 
  • Check with your council on where and when to make the payment. 
Scouts claim rewards
  • Rewards will be released approximately 5 days after submitted, unless flagged for review. 
  • Rewards will be delivered electronically to the Scout's Trail's End account.
  • The email address on the account will also receive an email to claim the rewards.
  • For the 2023 season, scouts must claim their rewards by June 30, 2023.

Distribution of Final Order

  • Check with your council on pick up location and date for your final order.
  • Distribute to your Scouts for delivery.
  • BEST PRACTICE: Set a deadline for your scouts to make their deliveries. 
  • TIP: Remind scouts to mark items as delivered as they make their deliveries. This helps them keep track and ensure all customers receive their popcorn and as the unit leader you will be able to see all customers are taken care of.


  • It's a good idea to save all reports. This is optional, but sometimes as scouts move in/out of a unit, the data can change.
    • Download the dashboard data (Scout and Product) -
    • Save all reports on the Reports tab
    • Save your final Invoice
    • On the rewards tab, download the rewards data

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