How do I track my inventory in the system?

Modified on Wed, 15 May 2024 at 05:19 PM

The Trail's End system offers the capability to monitor your inventory from the moment it arrives at your unit to when it is distributed to a Scout or Storefront. Precise tracking enables you to identify and rectify any discrepancies during your sale.

Unit Inventory

  • Each time a unit order is approved by your Council, the 'Qty Ordered' column on your dashboard will be updated accordingly.
  • Transferring inventory to or from other units will impact your 'Qty Ordered'. 
  • If permitted by your Council, returning items to them will decrease your 'Qty Ordered'.  
  • Additionally, transferring inventory from your unit to Scouts or storefronts will reduce the inventory you have on hand at your unit.

Storefront Inventory

  • Transfer inventory from your unit to the Storefront to accurately track what has been sent to the store.
  • As sales are recorded, inventory is subtracted from your storefront inventory.
  • At the end of the day, reconcile your storefront; for guidance, see How do I manage my unit's storefront inventory?
  • Finally, transfer any remaining inventory back to your unit. 

Scout Inventory

  • Transfer inventory from the unit to the Scout when giving inventory to the Scout. For guidance, see How do I manage my Scouts' wagon inventory?
  • When allowing your Scouts to check out inventory to sell, you can track what you give to them.
  • If you don't allow your Scouts to check out inventory to sell, they can record sales and mark them undelivered. You can then transfer the quantities of each item needed to fulfill their orders. 
  • As wagon sales are made and/or items are marked as delivered, the Scout inventory will decrease accordingly.

Inventory adjustments


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