How do I manage my unit's storefront inventory?

Modified on Wed, 15 May 2024 at 05:43 PM

Transferring your inventory and reconciling it after each storefront can be an excellent way to catch any errors made in recording sales.

Recommended process:

  1. Transfer the inventory that is going out to the storefront.
    1. Locate the store under Storefront Management.
    2. Click the down arrow to expand the details.
    3. Click the inventory button.
    4. Input the quantities of each item and 'From Unit' for the action.
    5. Click the 'Adjust/Transfer' button.
    6. Your Scouts/parents will now be able to see the inventory in their app.
  2. Have your Scouts/parents record all sales in the app.
  3. At the end of the storefront, go to Storefront Management and click on 'Reports'. Select 'Export Sales Report' and print.
  4. Count your remaining inventory and write it on the report.
  5. Determine if there are differences between your actual count and what the system thinks you have left based on the sales that were recorded.
  6. Correct any errors.
    1. The best method to correct errors is to record or refund cash sales:
      • If the system shows you have 10 of an item and your physical count is 9, record a cash sale. 
      • If the system shows you have 9 of an item and your physical count is 10, refund a cash sale.
    2. If/when you don't have any cash sales to adjust, you can simply adjust your inventory.
      • See this article for further information on inventory adjustments. 
  7. Once your actual inventory and your system inventory match, click the 'Return all inventory to Unit' button.

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