Can multiple units staff storefronts together?

Modified on Wed, 15 May at 5:45 PM

The Trail's End reservation system only allows one unit to reserve a particular reservation. Only Scouts in that unit will be able to see and sign up for shifts within the reservation.  

If you have a need for Scouts from different units to work during one reservation, the following suggestions are possible solutions to choose from:

1) If your Council allows it, you could combine 2 (or more) units under one unit in the Trail's End system. Be aware that all aspects would be combined, including accounting. If you need to be able to separate commission earned at the end, that would be done manually.

2) You can carefully monitor the inventory and sales that occur by each Scout in each unit and adjust at the end of the shared storefront. However, there will not be a way to automatically split sales among Scouts from different units. 

One way to do this:

  • Reserve the storefront in one unit and supply the inventory from that unit. 
  • The Scouts in that unit would be able to sign up for shifts. Scouts from a different unit would not. An external sign-up method could be used.
  • Carefully record which Scouts sell which items. Each Scout records the sales in their own app. The Scouts in the unit with the reservation can use Storefront sales. The Scouts in the other unit can use Wagon sales (mark delivered).
  • At the end of the storefront determine the quantity of each item that was sold by the second unit. Transfer that inventory from one unit to the other. Then transfer the inventory to the individual Scouts that have wagon sales recorded to balance their inventory.

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