Total Sales exceed Total Ordered+Online Sales.

Modified on Tue, 07 May 2024 at 11:31 PM

If your Total Sales exceeds your Total Ordered + Online Sales, you will not be able to submit rewards. This calculation can be seen at the bottom of your Rewards page. 

What to do if your sales are greater than the retail value of unit orders and online sales: 

1. Refer to the 'Products' table on the bottom of your leader dashboard.

2. Ideally the 'Qty Ordered' column should match the 'Sold Qty' column.

3. Look for any products that have a lower quantity ordered than sold. 

Things to CheckSolutions
Do you need more products to fulfill orders?
1) Pull your undelivered report. Are there Scouts that have undelivered items which you need to order?

2) Look for orders where Scouts have marked something delivered but they didn't have inventory and therefore couldn't have actually delivered it, i.e. they still need the product.
Submit an order for any additional products needed to fulfill orders.

Check that your Qty Ordered number is correct.

1) If another unit has transferred inventory to your unit, make sure you see the transfer in the system and have accepted it under Popcorn > Transfers.

2) Occasionally there is an order of products that has not been recorded in the system. Pay particular attention to any extra products you may have picked up from Council outside of the normal order. Check that they got recorded.

1) Make sure all transfers are in the system and accepted under Popcorn > Transfers.

2) If an order from Council is missing from the system contact your Council. 

If none of the above solve the problem, Scouts have recorded incorrect or extra items. 

If you are sure your unit doesn't need additional products and sales were recorded incorrectly, you can a) order the shortage as Heroes and Helpers or b) refund cash sales.

The Total Sales must balance with your Total Ordered + Online Sales to submit your rewards. 

Please email for further assistance.

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