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No longer tastes good

We used to always get the Carmel corn with almonds and pecans when our son was a scout and for a few years after. When did the recipe change?! It's bad now. Weird texture and leaves a bad aftertaste. Tastes like corn syrup and canola oil on styrofoam. We are not asking for anything; just letting you know that your product has really gone downhill.

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We just tried our first bag of the caramel corn with nuts and I have to say that I agree completely with the comment above.  No caramel flavor, a weird texture, and a bad aftertaste. We are new to scouting and were excited to try the "gourmet" $20 bag of caramel corn and it was just awful.  I am embarrassed that we sold it to so many of our relatives! 

When opening the bag did it have an odd odor? I have a consumer that purchase a couple of the Premium Carmel with nuts and is stating it had a rancid odor. So bad he didn’t even try.
We have been selling your popcorn for Scouts for many years. Our son had been top seller in his district for almost all the years he has sold. We used to love the flavor and quality of almost all the products. Last year we noticed a decline in both. This year we chose to only try the kettle corn and find it so bad that we will not eat it. I feel so bad for all the people we have sold this product too. I can only hope the other verities are better.

I registered similar complaints from scout families yesterday, while receiving all our take home orders. I am the Popcorn Kernel for my Pack, and some of the parents informed me that their supporters declined to purchase, after some had tasted awful popcorn. I understand last year as bad as well, but this year is even worse. I have sold so much popcorn, that I feel a grain of responsibility convincing our community to "Support Scouting!"

We also purchased the "premium" caramel corn.  Oh my!  It is NOT good!  We fully understand anything related to a fund raiser has a pretty steep price tag but is worth it to see the money going to a good cause.  But $20 for a bag that is only half full and tastes awful is definitely beyond steep!  Probably will end up tossing the bag and pray the troop uses the money wisely and it helps the Boy Scouts as a whole.  Please quit cutting corners on your products (if indeed that is why it is no longer tasty).  The poor boys having to sell it will suffer for it if you don't.  I know we will avoid having to tell a young boy "no thank you" by keeping the door closed.  If we do get in the situation where we feel we have to purchase some, I will just hand the boy $20 and skip the popcorn.  

I also totally agree with all posted comments.  The problem is basically:  We purchased this product from a friend, or relative, or acquaintance, such as a neighbor.  Really difficult to go back and complain.  

My question for you is:  Does Anyone in your company read these complaints.   I am 72 years old, and just finding this website is not an easy task for this old-fashioned b-boomer!!  On the other hand, this old geezer knows his popcorn, and this product just reeks of staleness, let alone, it should have come with a warning label:  "Caution, THIS PRODUCT COULD DAMAGE DENTURES."   IF I INTERPRETED THE CODE FOR THE DATE CORRECTLY, IT READS, MAR 28: 18.  So, now comes the value and honor system back to you;  Is that the manufactured date, or date to be used by.  Best case is;  the manufacture date.  And that would mean that it has been setting in some hot warehouse in the middle of Utah or NEV for only 6 months.  You guys really need to put your heads together and come up with a solution to help out these scouts, many of whom are our children or grand children.  Right off the top of my head,  one option would be to replace all bags of popcorn from the scout's lists.  Now, you come up with a solution and take care of this problem.

Would anyone else like to chime in?

Doreen Lwanga, my husband is popcorn kernel here, he and my son alone, have sold just under $6,000 this year. Down from 8,000 in past years. I believe quality has to be a part of the decline.
I will repeat the cushion above, does trails in read these comments? Are they going to fix the problem?
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