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Old and very stale

I purchased a bag of Jalapeno cheese popcorn for $15 on 10/20/2018.  When I opened it that night it had almost no flavor and tasted like had been left out open for few weeks was so stale.   Last couple of years the quality has definitely been going downhill.  I have been an Eagle Scout for 20 years now and sold more than my fair share back then, and it was great then always tasted good and seemed fresh even well after got it.  However, I would never sell the stuff they putting out now as it seems they either don't care or are deliberately putting out bad product for scouts to sell.  I for one hope that the scouts find either another supplier or something else entirely to sell given the number of other complaints ive heard as well as my own experience this year.  as you should expect to get at least something at least edible not something that tastes like they just opened an expired bag and poured it into a fresh bag and put it back out to sell again.  If I was given this to sell back when I was selling I would have felt morally obligated to refuse to sell it for fear it would make someone sick!

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