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Popcorn and tin arrived damaged and melted

The chocolate lover popcorn product arrived damaged.The tin was badly bent and the lid was too big to fit the tin. The chocolate popcorn was melted and stuck all together. Very disappointing. I paid  over $100 for something that is inedible.

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My chocolate lover popcorn tin arrived severely damaged.  It is crushed both on the top and bottom.  I ordered this item specifically so that my grandson't pack would received a nice contribution to their funds and am very disappointed in how it arrived.  I could have bought it locally and not had this problem.  I now have a totally unusable tin and contents that have been damaged.

My mother in law ordered the chocolate tin. The lid was too big and the side seam was not attached. She would like the tin replaced.
My dad ordered the chocolate lovers tin and all the packages had completely melted, then resolidified back together in one solid chunk. The tin was crushed too.
I just noticed that there’s also a place below to enter a ticket. I did both, posting here and submitting a ticket. So we’ll see what gets results.

Just a comment on quality control - the back seam of one of the bags of kernels I bought was split open about 1/2 inch, and the popcorn was spilling out slowly.  I poured the remaining contents into another container.

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