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Incomplete Order

I received part of my order but it has been quite a few days and I have not received the other part. What should I do?

if can i would go to where group that sold you your order meets and bring it up to the leader there and also put in ticket or call trailsend directly as they have stated flat out they wont look here despite being part of thier support page.   AS an Eagle scout I am contacting my local concil and recomending they stop dealing with this company due to poor quality and poor customer service

I not get my complete order. Who can I call or contact?
I finally received the other portion of my order. I wish I could have gone to the troop to inquire but I am in a totally different state and didnt want to bother my friend with this. This site is not customer/consumer friendly AT ALL. While I appreciate the feedback from other customers, it should not be this difficult to get a response from a company representative.

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