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Pecan Cluster Packaging

This year's packaging of the pecan clusters is the worst yet. Several years ago the clusters were individually wrapped and placed loosely in its box. This kept the freshness of the candy but did not protect the shape. The following year the clusters were all dumped in one big plastic bag which still tasted good but again, the shape was deformed. 

This year, the clusters shrank and are put in a hard plastic container that just snaps close. There is no tape, shrink-wrap or anything keeping outside germs out. Because of this, when I opened my box, there was chocolate bits melted and smashed on the inside of the paper box which was closed with just one small piece of tape. The chocolate also tasted old/dry and it's probably because the outside elements are getting in to the plastic container. The individually wrapped clusters were by far the best and most food-safe. You guys just need to keep it from bouncing all over the box and getting smashed. Otherwise this is a tasty product that many people buy. Please fix the packaging so there are no contamination issues. 

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