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We see that several people have posted on our forum throughout the selling season. This forum is not currently being used by our customer service team. We apologize if any questions have gone unanswered. For all future questions, comments, and concerns, please email our Customer Service Team at 

Thank you 

Michael C.

Trail's End Support 

I paid over $70.00 for 2 boxes of milk chocolate pecan clusters. I only recieved 1 .

This is the worst system for support, complaints and all around customer service I have ever seen. We will NEVER use your program again and I encourage everyone not to do so.  There is nothing positive that I can say about your website or your customer service and I hope all scouts everywhere cancel your program. 


Kristen McLEan

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My 2 boxes of pecan clusters clusters arrived melted and in one big lump.
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The support link on the website points here.  You should likely fix that if you wan't want people coming here for support.

How. Do I get customer service? I have not received my order

I didn't receive my order.  I also find it odd that I'm posting this on a board instead of sending an email communication to a support area.  

I'm not overwhelmingly confident.  

Kind regards,


I only recieved 1/2 my order of pecan clusters. That was over a month ago. I see why TrailsEnd gets such bad reviews
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