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Chocolates arrived as liquid!!

My chocolate pecan clusters that cost $37.76, arrived completely melted. Straight up liquid. Please get back to me. Why do you not have a customer service phone number?!?

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Same problem here. Someone who ordered from my son sent this picture.

(318 KB)
I also ordered the pecan clusters that came melted in one large glob of a mess and completely in-editable.
(1010 KB)
(924 KB)
(884 KB)
It’s really disappointing that this is the only way to contact the the company and no one responds. The Boy Scouts need to team up with a different supplier because based on the posts on this page no one will be supporting their fundraiser next year!
Katie, I opened up a support ticket (top right bar) and they responded that they would hold a reshipment for a couple weeks in hopes of cooler weather.

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