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Two accounts

My son Brandon Peay accidentally has two accounts. Can you fix it and combine it into one. The one that was made most recently and has the larger account. He is in Troop 102 Ventura Ca. Thanks

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I can not get in to my sons account. I tried the new password you send me but it comes up to it looks like a new Account. there no pitcher of information or goals.

I can go under my Scout and put my sons name John Santamore 05477 and his pitcher comes up! Why can't I get in his account and I need to know how he is going on popcorn orders because the information need to be handed in soon!

I tried to update my sons unit and council, and it was not showing, so it made me reregister, and now I cant pull up his sales , I need to let his leader know tonite!!

I needed to update my sons account to show the pack and unit, and it made me reregister, he has sales on the old account, how do we fix this ASAP???

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