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lowest level of Military Donation has grown too large at $75

Back in 2014, the military donations were $30 and $50. Or maybe they were $35 and $55 when purchased online. Now they start at $75 online, effectively doubling in cost and quite likely disqualifying this option for many of our customers who do not like popcorn but would otherwise like to help in some way to support our troops. I'm not sure why the lowest price point really needs to be so high? Is it because they are paying for shipment of individual packages of products to specific military individuals overseas or something? Perhaps Trailsend could consider a different approach so that the military donation may be lowering the cost back down to at least $50 making it a viable option for so many more folks, by Trailsend gathering up the popcorn orders going to the troops and shipping them out in very large grouped shipments to save a lot more on shipping cost by it being shared over dozens if not hundreds to individual packages boxed up on a pallet and shipped to military facilities overseas to distribute among their troops.

We ask you please consider ways to get that military donation of popcorn back down to something that is more reasonably afforded by our average customers.

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Couldn't agree more.  This program seems to only be hurting itself - the prices are too high for regular folks to participate.  

If I ask 20 people to donate $75 to the scouts and military and 19 say no it seems fruitless.

Yet if I ask those same 20 people for $20 for scouts and military I guarantee you that I'd get at least half of them to say yes.

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