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Pls tell Jackson Cook the following


You came to our door last year, and I purchased a wreath from you.  It cost more than we could afford as we are on S.S fixed income, but we did anyway. We received the wreath and it died within the week.  We had no number to contact you, and we did not know where you lived to tell you this.

This year you came again. I really wanted to purchase something from you, but I realized I don't know anything about you except you are a "boy scout".  I don't know if you are even from our neighborhood???  

Then I look at what you were selling this year, and realized we can't afford anything on your list.  I am sorry to have to tell you this. And I am sorry they are asking you to sell items this expensive.  I hope you are able to make some sales, but am concerned it will be difficult. Thank you for listening.


Mrs Janet Gibson

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