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Does anyone have any way to reach the company by phone? I ordered a bag for my mother (in Alabama) and the system switched the shipping address to my address (in California) since I used my CC (my guess). I noticed it immediately and now I read that I can't do anything about it to have the address corrected.

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I received my receipt but nowhere does it say who (which scout) the order is being credited. I have also tried to e-mail the company by replying to the receipt.  It bounces back as unacceptable.


Same problem!!! Trying to find a phone # to find out the details for my daughter's peanut & cashew allergies & NO PHONE # LISTED TO CALL!!! IF U R GOING TO SELL A FOOD PRODUCT, THEN YOU NEED TO HAVE A LIVE PERSON THAT CAN BE REACHED FOR QUESTIONS, NOT A ONLINE COMMENT FORUM!!!
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