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Online Product Availability

I'm seeing that what's offered online is a small selection compared to what our paper form indicates. I found in the FAQs: "Because each Boy Scout Council offers a unique product lineup each year, Trail's End has decided to promote one product line across the entire country that is completely different than the traditional product lineup to reduce confusion for Scouts and consumers. In the past, Scouts and consumers would see some of their council's products offered online, but not all. Additionally, the online platform will serve as our testing ground for new products that we may want to include in the traditional popcorn sale in future years. Online and traditional products may be added and removed throughout the year and are subject to change based on availability and product sales trends."

I don't understand how it is a problem to offer the full product line online? It's actually more confusing to show someone a full product order form, then give them the web address and they go and see that only half the items are there. The online offering is so awkward I don't even want to share it with friends. Oh here at the top we have hurricane relief, $250 military donation, then about 10 affordable products, and then $300 cases of random stuff. Like what in the world?? 

This stuff is expensive. Please make it easier to sell. 

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I have to agree.  I wish I felt good about sharing this produce with friends and family but I don't.  The amount of money it costs is ridiculous and you don't even offer the popping corn your cheapest product online.  I can't imagine that is not a seller in all markets.  

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I totally agree! I was so confused when I looked at the brochure and then looked at the product offerings online! I wasn't seeing the same items at all! I think everything needs to be more streamlined and the online offerings need to be more affordable with a few larger priced items at the very end! 

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Would really like to see all the product lines available on the website.  We've had several questions as to why folks can't my Jalapeño Cheddar online, it is very popular in Texas!

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We are new to this and feel exactly the same way. The prices are too expensive to ask family to start at $30 and then include shipping, for popcorn. Please try to make it reasonable for the kids to sell. Also agree with not seeing the same products as the brochure. 

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I’ve had people (relatives who live out of state and want to support my son) asking about why they can’t order traditional popcorn for their air poppers online. Isn’t this a staple product nation wide? Why isn’t it available online everywhere rather than only on paper?

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I have to agree, this is incredibly disappointing.  This is going to significantly impact sales  and I just can't understand the logic behind it.  Please fix this Trails End!

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The lack of availability of all products online is bad business. The prices are too high for many families living out of town who want to support my son. He got so excited by the prize incentives, but will not reach his goal because of the difficulty of making many small sales online. Trails End is not my favorite fundraising company. Although Girl Scout Cookies have certainly gone up in cost, there are still more affordable for the majority of consumers who want to buy just one or two items. Come on Trails End, step up!

I agree.  The pricing is outrageous online; how do you expect the family and friends who want to support our scouts to pay higher prices than the sheet plus shipping?  - $20 more for the chocolate lovers collection plus shipping?  It's crazy. This needs to be more cost conscious in order to receive orders online.  We managed one order online during free shipping weekend; had a chocolate lovers collection but when they saw it was $20 more they backed out. Now we will place this order on the sheet and I will be left to pay the shipping charges to our family member in Colorado.

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