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opened bags

i am missing piece from my order and also 2 of my bahs was open on delievery.. I sent picture to the lady son i ordered from

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Same problem with two bags open upon receipt of order. Clicking “Contact” does not offer a phone number, only a link to log in to report a problem. Reading other comments, it seems there is no actual customer service! Sad that Scouting is being “supported” by such a lame company.

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My son's  83 year old grandmother order the cheese corn and bag was opened on the bottom of the bag.  (see photos)  The popcorn was scatted in the box and she had to put it in a plastic bag.  Can they get a replacement bag of cheese corn shipped to them?  Thank you.

My Trail Mix bag was cut open at the UPC code.  Indicates very poor packing quality standards at Trails-End distribution plant.  Needs to be fixed.

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