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New pricing system

It'd be nice if we could get the prices on popcorn lowered.  If we could get the prices halved (with a corresponding halving of the sizes) I believe we could get 3 or 4 times the amount of sales.  So many times with storefront or door-to-door sales people would find out the prices and say "Wow, that's high!  Sorry, not interested."  The girl scouts are able to sell much more than us because their cookies are $4 or $5 per box, and people are much more willing to pay that than $10 - $20 a bag for popcorn.

Please consider this!

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I completely agree with lowering the price.  If a certain percentage stays local, then nothing is preventing this product to be about the same price of the Girl Scout cookies.  $80 for a tin of chocolate candy, $30 for a box of microwave popcorn?!?  Unless it's laced with gold flakes, made with truffles, Bolivian beaver milk and transported in a golden chariot to my front door, there is NO justification for that cost.  The consumer would much rather spend $30 on multiple products than 1.  In the end, $30 is $30 and the cost of the product is pennies on the dollar.  

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I Couldn't agree more.  This program seems to only be hurting itself - the prices are too high for regular folks to participate.  

If I ask 20 people to donate $75 to the scouts and military and 19 say no it seems fruitless.

Yet if I ask those same 20 people for $20 for scouts and military I guarantee you that I'd get at least half of them to say yes.

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