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kettlecorn always burns

I put my microwave into the popcorn for 5 minutes and stand there. When the popcorn stops popping for 3 seconds I pull it out of the microwave fast. It's always burned at the place where they add the sugars why is that

canola  oil  has  soaked  paper ,  out  of  18  bags 14  have burnt  = 2  caught  fire  . We  watched  popcorn  even tried  to  lower setting  but  the canola   burnt  oil  popcorn  ,  bag  being  used   soaked through . You  need  a new bag for  this  product

Kettle corn bag begins burning and smoking at 1 minute in the microwave. only half of the kernels pop.  The paper bag is often wet with oil before being put in microwave.

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