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Missing pecan clusters

I bought the tin with white chocolate pretzels,milk chocolate pretzels,chocolate popcorn and pecan clusters. Cost was $60.00 to me. I did not receive the pecan clusters in the tin with the other products. I waited until Christmas day to open my tin as Its such a treat to share with my family. Also,my grandson is a weeblo and I try to support his efforts. But if I dont receive the clusters or a refund for them,ill not be buying from the scouts again. Ill have to put my support into other scout ventures. Truly a bummer! 

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I would call or email to talk to someone but it appears there is no way to do so. Not good!

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i am looking for someone to call alo

Missing pecan clusters from order and still have not received.  

Just wondering about back ordered. Chocolate clusters. Got the other stuff 9-11-18
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