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Prices on bags

I really wish the price was printed on the bag, especially the $10 caramel corn. The products are somewhat expensive and many times the customers don't believe that the products are the prices we tell them. If the products said the price on the bag it would clear everything up.
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Having TE put pricing on their items is not practical.  I have had this argument with others trying to explain this point.  You really think an 11-12 oz bag of Caramel Corn costs $10 or Microwave 18pack costs $25?   No.  It is the item given to the donor at that donation level, ($10 donation and you get Caramel Corn bag, $25 donation you get uWave popcorn, etc).  If your scout's sales pitch is "I'm selling Popcorn and here is how much it costs" they are doing it wrong.  The phrase "selling popcorn" is what sticks in a potential donor's head.  I have tried to instill into our scouts they are asking people to donate to Scouting and to sell themselves, and the Popcorn items are the gifts at the donation level those people are willing to help out.  Over 72% of their donation goes to scouting. That means for every $10 they donate at least $7.20 goes back to scouting and $2.80 goes to the retail cost of the popcorn.  The donor needs to understand this point and the Scout needs to explain it so they feel their $$ is going to something more than just popcorn and they are not getting ripped off.  

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