We recommend running a sales report for each storefront site at the end of the day.

1. Go to Storefront Sales from the left navigation menu

2. Next to the site, choose Run Sales Report from the Action drop down menu

3. Click Go

This will show what you began with, what you sold, and then what you transferred back. Use this to make any necessary adjustments to reconcile against your on-hand inventory.

Inventory Instructional – Video File

0:00 – High Level Inventory Overview

2:35 – Storefront Site Cash & Inventory Management

5:05 – Wagon Sales Cash & Inventory Management

7:10 – Question/Scenario: Negative Inventory

8:35 – Question/Scenario: Negative Military Donation Inventory

8:55 – Question/Scenario: Negative Storefront Site Inventory / System Inventory Doesn’t Match

13:40 – Question/Scenario: Scouts Logging Sales in the Wrong Location