Wagon Sales are any sales outside of storefront and online sales. They are typically door-to-door sales, with friends and family, or when a parent takes orders at their workplace. Wagon Sales can be marked delivered (if product is on-hand) or undelivered (often known as Take Order). If you mark a Wagon Sale as undelivered, you will need to return with the product at a later time. It is not automatically shipped to the customer. Only online orders at www.trails-end.com are shipped directly to the customer.

App – Video File

0:00 – How to Take a Wagon Sale

1:56 – How to View Wagon Orders

3:05 – How to Sign up for Storefronts

4:51 – How Storefront Sales Work

7:00 – How to Setup & Share Your Online Page

8:10 – How to Set a Goal & Redeem Trail’s End Rewards