Below are the instructions for Unit-to-Unit product transfers:


Giving Unit

1. On the Popcorn Orders page, click View next to your approved unit order with the inventory to be transferred.

2. Click the Transfer Inventory button and select the District and Unit from the dropdown menus of the unit that is receiving the inventory.

3. Enter the quantities (cases and containers) to be transferred.

4. Click the Submit Transfer Request button to complete the form.

5. If the receiving unit has not accepted the product transfer, the giving unit can cancel the product transfer by going to the Transfers & Returns page on the left navigation menu and clicking the Cancel button next to the transfer request.


Receiving Unit

1. The primary contact of the receiving unit will be emailed a notification of the transfer request.

2. Go to the Transfers & Returns page on the left navigation menu.

3. Review the pending product transfer. If correct, click the Approve button, or the Reject button if the transfer quantities are incorrect.


Once the receiving unit has accepted the product transfer, adjustments will be made to each unit’s popcorn invoice statement to reflect the product transfer.