When your unit makes credit card sales (Wagon, Storefront, or online), those funds credit the unit in the form of either a system credit or directly to the unit. When you make credit card sales either via wagon or at a storefront, your unit receives 100% of the credit. When a Scout makes a sale via Online direct either online or through the app, you receive your council's online commission percentage. For example, if your Council's online commission percentage is 35% and you make a $100 online direct sale, your unit receives $35 in credit. 

If your unit currently has an open balance due to council, your credit card sales go towards paying that off. If you do not have any balance due to your council, the funds will go to a "Payout Available". If your unit has a payout available, you can enter your banking information into your Unit Leader account and request the funds be transferred directly to your unit. 

For more information regarding the Acct. Summary tab and the unit credit you see, please refer to the Acct. Summary section of the training video: 


 Acct. Summary/Reports – 27:00 – 29:14