No, you cannot add Scouts on their behalf. This is due to youth protection laws such as COPPA. We cannot store information on a Scout unless they create an account. We recommend using the Invite a Scout feature or bringing a laptop, tablet, or phone to your kickoff and have Scouts register an account before they leave.

For more information on the Scout roster and inviting Scouts, please refer to the Unit Info section of the training video:

    Unit Info – 7:39 – 11:54

    o    Scout Roster – 7:44 – 8:05

    o    Invite a Scout – 8:06 – 8:42

    o    Storefront Settings – 8:43 – 9:40

    o    Team Members – 10:01 – 10:59

    o    Unit Banking Info – 11:00 – 11:54