The app is a point-of-sale application for Scouts to use while taking orders for popcorn. Only Scout accounts registered through the app or at can sign into the app. Unit leaders will manage their unit’s sale through the unit portal at If you need unit leader access to the Trail's End system, complete the registration for your unit here. This registration is sent to your council for approval. Once approved, you will receive an email with account information. If someone from your unit already has access, they can simply add you to the "Unit Team Members" section under Unit Info.

App – Video File

0:00 – How to Take a Wagon Sale

1:56 – How to View Wagon Orders

3:05 – How to Sign up for Storefronts

4:51 – How Storefront Sales Work

7:00 – How to Setup & Share Your Online Page

8:10 – How to Set a Goal & Redeem Trail’s End Rewards