If your video or photos won't upload to your trails-end.com account, please try the following solutions:

1. Make sure the file size is no more than 3MB. If you need help saving at a lower resolution which should lower the file size, please visit www.shrinkpictures.com.

2. If the file size is no more than 3MB, check the file extension.  If it is all CAPS like “.JPG” as opposed to “.jpg”, the system will time out.  Please try re-saving the file and make the file extension lowercase.

3. If the picture is uploading sideways:

    a.  This can happen if the photo came from an iPhone. Please open it on a desktop and resave, then try uploading again and it should upload with the correct orientation

4. If these solutions still aren't working, please send us an example of the picture and we'll look into it further.