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Overpriced and popcorn with nuts was stale and tasted rancid

I purchased a bag of the caramel popcorn with nuts on 9/23/18.  I paid $20.00 for some of the worst popcorn I have ever tasted.  I am horribly disappointed and would like to be refunded my $20.00.  The poor Boy Scouts are being used to sell a bad product.  Shame on you.  I intend to throw this mess into the trashcan and will not purchase anything your with company logo on it.   I shall pass this information on my FB page so others don't waste their money on this.

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I bought the Carmel corn with nuts as well on 9-29-2018. My son was a Boy Scout and sold popcorn when he was young so we always like to support the scouts. This popcorn was terrible! Very stale and rancid. I won't be buying popcorn from Trails End ever again!

I also bought the premium caramel corn with almonds, cashews and pecans. (purchased Saturday 9/28/28) Of course I felt $20 was an OUTRAGEOUS price for popcorn, but hey, its to support the kids so I did. Expecting it to taste good - WRONG! It is horrible. A $3 box of Crunch and Munch and a $17 dollar donation would have better supported the kids. If you are going to continue this fundraiser for the Boy Scouts, you should seriously consider reviewing the quality of the product being sold. Possibly it was a bad batch....idk, but I am very disappointed.

The popcorn I received was Carmel Corn with nuts. It was stale and the nuts and Carmel were fused together and not edible. I feel even though it is grossly over priced I am happy to help the scouts, however they deserve a decent product.
I spent 50 dollars plus shipping to support my grandson for the 32 count K cups of coffee. I just want you to know that the coffee is horrible, not to mention severely overpriced. I think is so sad that you expect the children to make money for your organization, by selling low quality overpriced products. I thought that the Boy Scouts of America was better than that.
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