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Cheese popcorn

This cheese popcorn I purchased (5.25 oz bag) for $15.00 is the worst cheese popcorn I have ever had. It’s extremely salty. Almost like has too much cheese or something. If your going to exploit children to sell goods. At least make sure your product is good. I could have purchased 5 bags of smart pop for the price of yours. Now I have to refuse to contribute to Boy Scouts because your product is garbage.

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I feel the same

I purchased the ridiculously priced white cheddar popcorn for $15 but told myself for a good cause. When I went to eat it several days later I noticed that the back of the bag right in the middle wasn't sealed at the seam so I have a stale bag of $15 popcorn 
I was also very disappointed in the product, last year it was so good, this year it is not edible. I am hoping it is just a bad batch we got and the rest that my son is selling taiste better, because he sells alot of popcorn, and I would have to tell people don't buy that this year, it isn't good.

I agree with Rachel Steigerwalt.  I bought my white Cheddar popcorn for $15 from an adorable cub scout in Austin last weekend.  $15.  I felt it was a good cause. My son was a scout and when he sold Trails End you weren't offering cheese flavor.  I'm glad cheese flavor is being offered, but our popcorn was incredibly Stale!  After reading Rachel's comment, I inspected our bag and the seam wasn't sealed on ours either.  

I too bought a bag of $15 popcorn. It was so stale, I had to throw it away. Wish I could get a refund. Shame on you!
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